The same New York criminal legal system Trump attempted to influence to railroad the Exonerated 5 (formerly known as the Central Park 5) is now holding him accountable.

Since Trump has been convicted of 34 felonies and can still run for president of the United States, doesn’t it seem fair to remove the felony-related question from job applications for everyday citizens?

The Super Bowl champion died while on vacation with his family in Mexico.

Minneapolis prosecutors plan to dismiss murder charges against a white state trooper who shot and killed Black motorist Ricky Cobb. 

Roger Fortson's family is speaking out after Okaloosa County Sheriff's Deputy Eddie Duran was fired for killing the airman in his own home.

Data shows that pancreatic cancer disproportionately affects Black people.

As Donald Trump stays in the presidential race, old video from 2016 shows he said White House candidates under indictment “shouldn’t be allowed to run.”

Mainstream media has long been challenged for its biased and non-factually based coverage.

Citing a racial double standard, the NAACP wants Trump to stop running for president.

It's only the third-ever set of Black head coaches to face each other at the NBA Finals, technically.

The Florida Board of Education changed its standards for teaching social studies but kept the part about slaves benefiting from slavery.

Kimberlé W. Crenshaw explains the evidence-based content Critical Race Theory teaches.

Black Voters Matter and me too. International have joined forces for the 2024 election.

NewsOne was on the scene at this year's Bloody Sunday commemoration.

50 Cent has all the right in the world to criticize Diddy for the horrible things he has done, but he shouldn’t pick and choose.

The epic beef between rappers Kendrick Lamar and Drake has once again demonstrated the linguistic acrobatics of rap culture.

An unexpected byproduct of the viral dispute between Jasmine Crockett and Marjorie Taylor Greene has been a slew of "Bleach Blonde Bad Built Butch Body" songs going viral.

South Carolina's congressional voting map was deemed racist by a lower court.

Trump supporters Angela Stanton-King and Trevian Kutti got into an argument over Trump's involvment in harrassing Ruby Freeman.

The Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. spoke out about Angela Moore of Georgia.

It's critical to unpack the violence Black women experience at the hands of Black men.

The Confederate monument is in Tyrrell County, North Carolina.

Fani Willis won her Democratic primary for her Fulton County District Attorney seat despite Trump supporters constantly attacking her.

The "Teacherville" initiative covers down payment and closing costs for home purchases.

Byron Perkins, a defensive back at Hampton University, is entering the 2024 NFL Draft.

When choosing a gift for your loved one this holiday season, prioritize functionality, quality and adaptability — especially for family members who may be in college or high school.

The leaked video showing Diddy attacking Cassie raises so many reminders for victims of domestic violence who may find this moment traumatic and overwhelming.

The best way to fulfill Brown’s promise and confront the national teacher shortage is to hire more teachers of color, researchers found.

Some coverage of Black women casts them in a negative light as either ineffective, unable to keep up, angry or overly sexual. Godwin, the first Black woman to lead a major broadcast news network, has been portrayed as ineffective.


"It broke me down to someone I never thought I would become," the singer wrote.

Detroit techno was always rooted in strong community bonds – especially within Detroit’s Black community – despite the city being ravaged by disinvestment.

The NAACP deleted a social post warning against "trying a Black woman" after it was accused of perpetuating negative stereotypes.

The long-term impact of AI in mental health delivery remains to be seen.

Struggle rapper-turned-struggle rocker Kid Rock was interviewed by Rolling Stone magazine in which he waved a gun and used the N-word.

Sexual assault lawsuits are mounting.

A new lawsuit is the seventh time drugs are mentioned in Diddy sex assault allegations.

LaMelo Ball was sued for allegedly driving over a young fan's foot.

Enslaved Black people were stationed for labor and employed in Liverpool. Here's their story.